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About FreeScience.info

FreeScience.info is an initiative to substitute real libraries with
a virtual one, where it will be possible download all books, in a printable
format, mainly PDF.

This initiative is motivated by the fact that copyright time on scientific books
is finished. In fact many branches of mathematics and/or physics ,
see for instance the electromagnetism, are old and so there is no more reason to
continue to pay copyright on books that treat arguments older than fifty years.

Moreover even when a book contains some modern development
usually it address to a restrict public and so it is no convenient
for  editors to publish it or to increase its price.

But nowadays there is a so large amount of free books around the net that soon
every information will be available online without the need of buy any books.

Futhermore the introduction of new license as Creative Commos will accellerate this process.
The goal of FreeScience.info is to become the largest free library of science.

Claudio Attaccalite